RFID Tomorrow starts today

RFID Tomorrow – the 2-day event promoted by the RFID IM Blick Global network which, for its sixth year, brings together experts, suppliers, users and all the stakeholders in the RFID technology world applied to automation, whether it be industrial, logistic, health, control or safety – kicks off in Düsseldorf today.

The Developer Day, the first day of the trade show, is mainly designed for industry operators: 10 sessions, divided into 2 forums, will offer a full immersion into RFID technologies – from transponders to sensors – and will highlight the latest engineering developments. Day Two will be an equally important opportunity to further understand the role of these technologies for users, thanks to the presence of experiential exhibitors and workshops dedicated to the latest products launched on the market.

In recent – and very short – times, information technology arfid-septnd automation have caused such an impact on the quality of services and on cost reduction as to induce even the most die-hard sceptics to change their mind: RFID technology has given an avant-garde impetus to modern industry, as proven by the exponential increase in the number of trade shows dedicated thereto. The possibilities that this technology offers businesses are essentially endless, and so are its fields of application.

This system can transform any object into a smart object that can communicate and interact with specific readers. Would you have thought this possible a few years ago?