From Léa Seydoux to Lightning: when fashion chooses the videogame model

Experts say that the fashion industry will veer toward increasingly robotic and virtual technologies and media over the next 10 years: from automatic selling operators to production robots, from chatterbots to increasingly avant-garde artificial intelligence systems that can create innovative processes both in production chains and retail.

Yet, are fashion houses actually ready for this? Nicolas Ghesquière, the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, has already taken steps in this respect, looking to the future and choosing Lightning, the virtual heroic protagonist of the 8th edition of the video game Final Fantasy, as the testimonial of the brand’s SS 2016 collection.

LV SS16 - 255

According to Ghesquière, this stylistic choice follows the contemporary path, shared by many other sectors, of “the integration of new digital, virtual and cybernetic concepts with our real lives”.

Quite undoubtedly, technology will lead us to explore unimaginable scenarios, especially in sectors – such as fashion – where creativity and human intelligence are involved tout court. Although sectors change, the debate is always the same: what are we willing to delegate to machines? And what, instead, do we not want to give up in our production and creative process?

At 255 we believe that the key lies in the harmonious integration between two essential souls for future growth: the creative and the technological one. This is why we do not develop robotic islands, maximising the use of technology; rather, we always try to understand how to obtain the best possible result by integrating the human component with the robotic one.