Wearable Media launches technological streetwear that visualises sound and turns it into colour


When we speak about wearable technology, we usually think about all those fitness devices that allow us to monitor our physical activities or about the medical devices that help us control diseases or medical conditions (we gave an example of these here). These devices generally collect data to understand how we and our body work.

Also the fashion world is moving in step with the times, experimenting with similar products and trying to make wearable technology fashionable. However, Wearable Media, an all-female company co-founded by Yuchen Zhang, Hellyn Teng and Jingwen Zhu, starts from a different assumption to overturn the idea of wearable devices: the three creative minds envision devices that track data not about ourselves, rather about our surroundings. With this idea in mind, they have developed several products such as Ceres, a jumpsuit that vibrates and lights up when asteroids are near earth, or AudRey, a customized textile design that displays your Instagram colours in augmented reality animation to reveal your digital “aura”. Their latest creation is called Meter, an interactive streetwear jacket, designed to visualise external sound and turn it into colour. 
A question comes to our mind: who is the target of these creative minds? «Our audience are young creatives who are interested in science, design, music, art and culture; we are creating a fashion tech line that reflects their lifestyle and how we think fashion tech garments could take forms in», said Yuchen Zhang in an interview to Women of Wearables, the first organisation aiming to bring together and connect women working all over the world in wearable tech, smart textiles, the Internet of Things and augmented or virtual reality.