The future is being developed in Africa: Google opens its first AI Center in Ghana


Innovative start-ups, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence: we are not talking about California or the traditional birthplaces of innovation such as Israel. Rather about Africa, where investments in digital technologies are on the rise, transforming the continent in both economic and social terms. More and more international companies are investing in training in Africa and in start-ups and business accelerators for digital-related projects.
One of them is Google – which has recently defined itself as an “AI first” company; Google has just opened its first Artificial Intelligence Research Center in Accra, the capital of Ghana. It is Google’s first AI Center in Africa, with other centers having already opened in many countries of the world, including in New York, Tokyo, Paris and Zurich.
In Accra, engineers and researchers from Google will work together with local universities and other research centers to study new AI applications for the social and economic development of African countries. The goal? To find solutions to some of the major challenges for the Continent, especially in medicine and healthcare, education, training as well as agriculture to improve crops and increase production.