Style AI: when artificial intelligence decides what is fashionable


Future fashion will increasingly be the result of team work between man and machine. But what if this "future" is nearer than you think?
The rules of the fashion creative process have changed also thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence, which is very often used to understand customers’ tastes and offer personalised services.
This is precisely what has been done by the e-shopping giant Yoox, which has presented in Milan its new 8 by Yoox collection, designed by using an advanced software which can examine images and texts used on the web, online magazines or social networks, gather insights, combine them with predictive indicators on trends, sales data, customer feedback, shopping trends and then incorporate them into a collection which, ideally, everyone should like. 

A similar attempt has been made by the South Korean label Handsome, which has launched a new fashion line under the  SJYP brand, resulting from the collaboration with Designovel, a start-up specialising in AI fashion technology. 

The design of the first item created by the "Style AI” system - Dino Hood Tee, a sweatshirt with a printed dinosaur and toy blocks - has been customized by drawing inspiration from over 330,000 images, characters and logos provided by means of a convolutional neural network. Commonly known as CNN, this is a special type of artificial neural network that processes images to recognize, categorize and process patterns for the development of new fashion styles and designs. 

Handsome also said that it will soon review whether the AI technology can be applied to other areas of its fashion business as well. 

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