SoPhy, the smart sock that helps physiotherapists


They will not be fashionable and in line with current trends, but they will surely have a great impact on the people wearing them: we are talking about SoPhy, the first "smart socks" designed by Deepti Aggarwal, a researcher at the University of Melbourne, which will help physiotherapists and their patients, also for remote treatments and consultations.

The socks are embedded with three sensors that can absorb and transmit the information of those wearing them: weight distribution, movements and their range, orientation of legs and feet. While the wearer walks, the sensors record all data that the physiotherapist is able to analyse and study thanks to the app connected thereto.

The technology, developed also to provide remote consultations in a country like Australia where distances can be a real problem for those who are unable to move, will not replace face-to-face visits. “With this first project - the researcher said - we hope to set a trend in the production of devices that can create best practices for medical consultations: these are not substitute of actual consultations, rather a valid support to interpret the bad habits of patients with lower limb problems".