Food safety: the big players enter the field


According to data from the Be Food Safe campaign by the United States Department of Agriculture, 600 million people in the world fall ill every year after eating contaminated food. Food safety is currently a topic that is very close to the heart of operators in the food supply chain. Technology can help, especially blockchain technology: through a clever use of its potential, in fact, food can be monitored in real time, from harvesting up to consumption. It is no coincidence that the American giant Walmart has recently launched two pilot projects with IBM - concerning the marketing of mango in the United States and of pork meat in China - to test its real benefits.

Through an ad hoc platform, all the parties involved in the food supply chain will be able to share updated information in real time, to see and confirm with certainty where a product has been grown, harvested, stored, inspected, how many stages it went through before reaching the store and the final consumer, in addition to combating food frauds and reducing the number of wrong deliveries, thereby obtaining considerable savings.

The transition toward this type of digital system implies an important economic investment, but the benefits seem to interest all of us. Will Italian companies be able to keep pace?