Can Artificial Intelligence really be the future of Fashion?


When Fashion meets Artificial Intelligence, creativity is what benefits the most. IBM, in partnership with Tommy Hilfiger and The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, has launched the Reimagine Retail project. Its objective is to show the potential of AI applied to fashion. In fact, according to its promoters, AI could enhance the creative process by providing new inspiration and expediting and perfecting research processes.

To implement the project, FIT students first applied the technologies made available by IBM, including artificial vision or "natural language understanding", to Tommy Hilfiger’s collections, products and models. The result was a thorough analysis of the brand’s history that allowed students to discover new details on trends, colours, prints and lines.

The next step was the creation of a series of items which, whilst in line with the brand’s aesthetic, created forward-looking products in terms of patterns, styles and silhouettes. The winning project was that presented by Grace McCarty: her creation, a plaid tech jacket that is in line with the Maison’s classic lines, innovating with the use of printed patterns, conquered everyone.  

Avery Baker, Chief Brand Officer at Tommy Hilfiger, said she was happy to contribute to the development of the Fashion world: “As a brand, we are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through innovation and disruption. These young designers truly embody this spirit by showcasing the successful integration of fashion, technology and science".