Working is not tiring: when satisfaction goes hand in hand with results

Experts Exchange, the web portal for IT professionals that provides information, statistics, support and job posting services, has recently published the results of a survey involving about 20,000 of its members on the level of job satisfaction of so-called tech professionals.

Over 70% of respondents said they felt appreciated at their job and that their career allowed for solid work/life balance.  Although many of them suffered the sedentary nature of these professions – in which the likelihood of sitting for up to 10 hours a day is very high, even if the new stand-up desks may be a valid option – the survey shows a direct relationship between personal satisfaction and professional performances.

The experiences reported by the Experts Exchange network – men and women of different ages and geographical origin – identify creativity as the first element that can stimulate and encourage performances. The IT professional believes s/he is more than a mere tech professional, rather a creative problem solver.

This is also because, in the tech field, the ability to change is becoming an unavoidable requisite rather than just an added value. To transform yourself means not only to question your thought-strategy-action paradigm but also, and especially, to make your professional figure evolve. Indeed, many respondents declared they had repeatedly changed duties in recent years and had welcomed the new prospects for professional growth as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Therefore, the perfect ‘recipe’ for a good job requires knowledge, professionalism, efficiency, commitment and – above all – enthusiasm. To approach your work like children – with courage and curiosity – helps you be open to new solutions.

And it is also for this reason that the vast majority of respondents said they felt satisfied with and appreciated for their work due to the possibility to pursue their passion, building their own professionalism without distorting their very nature; rather, implementing the efficiency of their performances and contributing significantly to the company’s results.