TRANSFORMERS ART: to be like children again so as to ponder on the Planet we will leave to future generations

The Montenegrin artist Danilo Baletic, born in 1992, has always loved cartoons and has a special predilection for toy cars transforming into warriors. In 2012 he created his first Transformers Art, a work created by assembling several pieces of metal waste. His project has now become a travelling exhibition and is part of a world tour starting precisely in Italy, at the Science Museum in Milan, and then moving on to Denmark, London, passing from Asia and reaching the US.

Reusing metallic waste, scrap cars and trucks taken from landfills, Baletic has created massive metal sculptures to bring public attention to issues such as respect for the environment, recycling, sustainability, and last but not least, the relationship between man and machine. The artist’s intention is to make visitors’ ponder on how our planet has exhaustible resources that should not be wasted, on how our planet should be respected and on how recycling can be a creative solution to keep in mind for the future.

Waste as a resource, nothing new in that, yet this exhibition amplifies itself and becomes more powerful as it acts on everyone’s imaginary, the playful imaginary of toys. Haven’t we all played, at least once in our life, with the Transformers? There you go! So in Milan, until 1 May, you will have the chance to be like children again and thus ponder, as adults, on Planet Earth and on the legacy we want to leave to future generations.