The winners are those who create


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It is no big news that we are all somehow resistant to change; what is new often scares us, we prefer to remain within our comfort zone, avoiding risks and dangers though also giving up the endless potential of new and exciting scenarios to discover.The technological transformation we are witnessing, as both spectators and actors at the same time, is reaching such high and quality standards that to avoid this type of change would be a useless effort other than a waste of possibilities. Yet, the fears of the most sceptical are not completely groundless: the innovations we can see coming will gradually become less and less abstract, leaving their embryonic stage to become more and more an integral part of our everyday life – not only our personal life but also, and above all, our professional one.

According to recent studies by the teacher and co-founder of the International Institute for Analytics, Tom Davenport, – published in the book Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines – about 10% of employees in the world will be replaced by automation in the coming years. However, such advancement of technology is not a real danger for human beings if we learn to transform it into a real opportunity for development and growth.

In this respect, the key lies in training: to develop creative professional figures, to subvert the need – activity – thought paradigm into idea – experimentation – action, bringing the culture of young people and adults closer to original and spontaneous thinking, is a fundamental step for the evolution of our skills and our future. At 255 we have always strongly supported education and training: there is no need to flee in order to avoid being beaten or crushed by advancing technology: the key lies in creating a new, modern and hybrid culture that can incorporate human intelligence and sensitivity – without replacing or distorting them in any way; rather, giving them full value.