The Composite Heads of Industry 4.0



Five centuries after the famous Arcimboldo, the American photographer and sculptor Klaus Enrique has brought back the anticonventional and grotesque style of the Composite Heads to create portraits of famous personalities: fruit, vegetables, eggs and animals come to life, communicate, and take the appearance of Gandhi, Lady Diana, Darth Vader.

In modern food & beverage industrial processes, a rather similar phenomenon is taking place: through a monitoring system operating throughout the production, packaging and delivery department, food is learning to speak, to communicate with us! Just to give you some examples, food can communicate its ideal cooking time, or cold rooms on trucks can vary temperature to ensure proper product refrigeration during transport.

Therefore, just like in the compositions by Klaus Enrique, and by Arcimboldo before him, these elements take a shape that is none other than that of Industry 4.0.

Although the Food & Beverage production sector has long become digitalised, much of the information has always remained siloed, trapped in individual monitoring systems and thus not readily accessible to all company levels. The IoT radically changes this scenario through the convergence between Operations Technology (OT) and lnformation Technology (IT), enabling companies’ operation managers to determine any inefficiencies and change decision-making processes from time to time.

According to a survey of Automation World readers in the food and beverage industry, 49 percent have either implemented IoT initiatives or are planning to do so.

Through increasingly affordable sensors and emerging cloud-based data analytics platforms, companies can interconnect equipment and systems throughout their entire production department, obtaining continuous, complete and real-time feedback: from manufacturing to retail sales.

These are the new Composite Heads, no longer empty rather thinking heads thanks to the convergence between OT and IT.