Technology galaxies: when to change your look becomes fashionable

A word above all: the web.

Never was a word so appropriate to describe the years we are going through. Not a day passes without the Internet filling our daily life, just like a spider web, precisely, with data and information in a mutual flow of give and take that involves every aspect of our professional and personal life.

galassieNo sector is exempt from this; rather, some sectors may be more receptive than others. Just like fashion, for instance, which uses technology as a facilitator and generator of change. Contaminations are the order of the day. What awaits us in the imminent future?

Thanks to the post-modern skills of new digital tailors, 3D prints and innovative materials such as carbon, nickel or electrical circuits, just to make some examples, will legitimise the most innovative production techniques without necessarily doing away with sewing machines for ever.

The progressive developments of machine learning and artificial intelligence will increasingly provide an endless number of data on consumption habits and preferences coming from Smartphones, mobile devices, computers, Apps, wearable devices. The synergy with robots located in stores and additional information from digitalised items will make shopping an increasingly analog-virtual hybrid experience.

Thanks to the Internet of Things and to the hitherto unimaginable possibility of mixing consumer habits with those of industry trends, consumption data and buying habits on a worldwide scale, fashion will truly be able to look forward: from the single item bought to what we will buy in a year’s time.

Lastly, blockchain technology, the new paradigm that is bound to revolutionize the economic system allowing for the purchase of goods and services without using currencies that have legal tender status – will turn also economic transactions into additional sources of data, not only economic data but also data on forecasts, trends and scenarios.

This is not sci-fi, rather progresses that are already happening: technology galaxies that are waiting to be explored, read and interpreted. We just have to participate enthusiastically in the change: ‘it’s the future, baby“.