A summer at the beach, with a longing for…The Internet of things!

The many applications of the Internet of Things can fulfil the concrete needs of everyday life and improve it in all respects.

We can connect electrical appliances, locate vehicles in real time, check our energy savings and even environmental pollution: the universe of connected objects opens up a world of possibilities!

For example, have you ever wondered how IoT devices can make your summer smarter and safer? According to a survey conducted by YouGov throughout Europe in 2016, 48% of people forget to apply sunscreen on holiday, while 76% would be more likely to cover up if they received an alert on their smartphone. What is more, public interest in the benefits of the Internet of Things to personal health and the quality of life is increasing: of the 8.653 respondents, 50% would like the IoT to monitor their blood pressure, 40% their stress levels and 36% their hydration.

No sooner said than done. Prototypes of connected bikinis, suitcases and sun hats are already a reality: thanks to the potential of IoT integrated technology, these devices help protect against UV, keep children safe on the beach and locate lost luggage. Bikinis are equipped with UV sensors that track exposure to sunlight throughout the day: when you’ve had too much exposure to UV light, they send that information to your smartphone which, in turn, alerts you via App (and your swimming costume also starts to vibrate).

Also the sun hat designed for children contains UV sensors. In addition, if the child wanders beyond a pre-determined distance, a tracking device sends a warning message to the parent’s smartphone. The same happens with the connected suitcase, helping the owner geolocate it. How do they work? Bluetooth technology is used for near-range tracking, showing the user’s proximity to the child’s sun hat or suitcase using ‘hotter’ or ‘colder’ graphical representations on the smartphone App. GPS and GSM mobile base station triangulation are used in parallel for longer-range tracking, displaying the location of the child’s sun hat or luggage on a map on the smartphone. Thus ensuring safe holidays!