Dioniso [Dionysus], the App that certifies the quality of Italian wines


It is named after Dionysus, the Greek god of the grape harvest: we are talking about the innovative IT project that involves Hitachi Systems CBT, Cisco and Valoritalia, the most important Italian wine certifying agency, which is designed to trace and certify, precisely, over 5,000 types for 228 PDO and PGI wines.

What is it all about? This is a digital and computerised application developed on the Rainbow 5 Web platform, which facilitates communication between all the main protagonists of the wine traceability chain, digitizing certification processes and allowing Valoritalia to streamline and automate the wine inspection process: from "grape collection reporting" to inventory management, from compliance analysis to the issue of wine "Labels", the marks that identify a given wine’s belonging to a given category.

Dioniso, which has become operational after more than two years of analyses and development, gives an updated picture of the type of product for each producer in terms of year and number of certified units and enables all the operators of the certification chain to be more autonomous, rapid and to have a more accurate system for the personalisation of requested data.

A Made in Italy symbol all over the world, the wine sector is one of the most important and strategic industries for our country's economy, worth more than 6.3 billion euros last year. The numbers of Valoritalia are significant: in 2017 alone, over 13,000 inspection visits were made to vineyards and wine cellars; over 45,000 chemical analyses were carried out and as many samples were submitted for controls; 2,950 wine tastings were made for 1.5 billion certified bottles, and 950 million labels were delivered.

The project is part of Digitaliani, the investment plan launched by Cisco in Italy to speed up the country’s digitization and increase competitiveness in key Made in Italy sectors like the agricultural and food industry, precisely.