RTLS, RFID and Privacy

The application of new technologies will change our future so fast that we do not have the time to realize what is happening?

I hope this will not be the case, when we test new ways on how to use the RFID technology, its limitations, how to integrate RTLS, how to integrate security systems and production control or traceability we always evaluate the “boundary conditions”. It is a serious cultural and social commitment … we don’t want that someone could image something like  …

>>Oh gosh, we could use RFID systems to control the student’s position in the schools and inform their parents when their sons bunk off school, check their presence at the lessons, record their moviments and so on …<<

 Image that one day … a president of the United States … I dont’ know … image Barack Obama … thinking about how to use this technology “inside” a man … how many advantages in terms of safety, health, we could get from RFID implanted under the skin?
But it is only one of my crazy crazy ideas
(? Sure watch the video ?)


Another day could happen that a school really want to trace his students with an RFID system … but some student say: “NO!”

Then image that this school push so hard his student to use RFID and at last they  … SUSPEND the student that don’t want use it!

But if we were in a U.S. … a skilled judge  in a few days might diligent readmitted to school,

hei hei … what’s about if I tell you that everything is true … it is real ?
I think that in this case  … an anonymous association of  hackers may decide to attack the school website in protest …

don’t worry… this is only a nightmare … or it doesn’t ?!?