Robots: the largest collection of humanoids on display in London

Imagine a journey into the creations of visionaries, scientists, technological creative minds and pioneers of cybernetics and robotics, combine it with the fascination of the imaginary world of 20th century movies and the prototypes of the imminent future, and you’ll get the exhibition that has been recently opened by the Science Museum in London. The exhibition, called ‘Robots‘, is curated by Ben Russel and will run until 3 September, retracing 500 years of technological research with its 100 exhibited models and revealing the all-human quest to recreate ourselves in the largest collection of humanoids ever shown before.

From Yumi, the robot that makes paper airplanes, to Kaspar, the social robot helping children with autism, to Kodomoroid, which reads robot-related news bulletins on TV. There is also room for Italy with its iCub, a humanoid made by the Italian Institute of Technology of Genoa whose 53 motors move its head, arms, hands, life and legs: it can see and hear, recognize people and will soon also develop the sense of touch.
In short, if you want to fantasize, even not too much, about what will happen in the future, this is the exhibition for you! We will be there and we will be giving you our vivid impression!