Robots and humans : better (and stronger) together


According to recent analyses by the international strategic consulting giant Gartner, cyber security is a market that is estimated to grow to $170 billion by 2020.

According to the latest official statistics available in this sector, the highest percentage (62%) of so-called breaches – violations of users’ data – is certainly attributable to human error.

With the impressive increase in the computerization of data and their digitisation, the speed of processes – and their standardization – grows but so does the risk of making more mistakes.

What is the role of machines in this scenario? How can they help and what are the current or potential opportunities for the strategic collaboration between men and robots in this respect? Technology does and can still do a lot to simplify mechanisms and improve the flaws of online security systems, focusing on the development of systems that can offer security to users and efficiency to businesses at the same time.

In this respect, artificial intelligence is a valid ally: the development of increasingly automated and perfectible tools, in fact, helps to mitigate human inefficiencies, reducing the risk of errors caused by carelessness or the dispersion of information.

To use these technologies does not mean to replace men in their decision-making/action abilities; rather, it is a strategic opportunity to cope with data and process management, which leaves men free to dedicate their attention and focus their energy on the issues that most pertain to them: the human and relational ones.