RFID, is it a game?

Do you think that it is impossible? Is it impossible realize a nice Video that can explain how you can use an RFID tag in a treasure hunt?

Do you think that it is not possible to talk about technical things not to be boring and institutional?

Following our site 255 HEC srl you know that you can work … and enjoy yourself … also because … let’s face it without the fear that others will listen to …


Who is more imaginative, creative, and quick learning of CHILDREN while they are playing?

Calm down … we will not tell anyone that you like … have fun … like us :-)

Here are the facts:
we were working … sorry? do not believe it? I swear! :-)
When a lightning strike, something like an idea, illuminated my brain … how to story that an RFID tag is not just good to be read as a barcode but you can also … “find” it in the ocean of other things …

Tranquillo non lo diremo a nessuno che piace anche a te, divertirti … :-)


you can also “find” without SEE … an RFID tag … not like a barcode, that you’ve got to see it!

What do I need?

  • a camera to record everything
  • some creative person
  • an RFID tag glued to a piece of paper on which you write 255 HEC srl. and then draw a smiling face
  • 2 hands + 2 hands only for few seconds
  • a portable RFID reader device
  • some onces of software … but just a few …

I have to tell you that you can find an RFID tag hidden and not visible among many others and maybe you can use it in your fashion company, apparel field or in your production of sausages, or food company to food traceability?
You could always be sure of what you ship?
You could tidy up your stock in an easy way?

I prefer that your imagination works for you and not discover in how many of the above ways we have already used RFID tags and in How many  we still use … help us to find more :-)

Now relax with Amazing video RFID :-) Game of 255 HEC srl