How can agriculture benefit from the Digital Single Market? The issue is being addressed in Brussels


The European Digital Single Market - the project that is intended to implement and promote new opportunities in the digital field and that will also ensure the free movement of persons, services and capital within the European Union - is still being put in practice. The Junker Commission intends to finalise by 2018 the legislative framework that will create a common EU area in the digital and technological field (the objectives include, for example, the updating of legislation on copyright and e-privacy or the definition of technological standards shared at Community level).

In addition, the Digital Single Market offers several opportunities for growth in important economic sectors such as agriculture or food value chains, improving them in terms of efficiency and connection.

It is in this scenario that the European Commission will be holding on 17 November the event that is explicatively called "Digitising agriculture and food value chains", which intends to focus on projects and success stories in agriculture/food digitisation.

The conference will bring together representatives of the sector, providers of digital technologies, scientists, national and regional politicians to discuss practical opportunities to make the most of the initiatives offered thanks to the digital single market. One of the objectives of the meeting is to increase public awareness of the most innovative digital technologies and of how they can be applied to agriculture, food value chains and nutrition itself. The event will also offer networking opportunities to members of the community of scientific, agricultural and food innovators.

We are looking forward to hearing about these developments and we will be telling you all about them.