Artificial intelligence and liability: the legal perspective


The legal liability of artificial intelligence is a very hot topic that is far from being settled.

The issue is at the heart of current debates on law and on how this must regulate, and will even more frequently have to regulate in the future, the liability of an artificial entity and thus the penalty to be applied to it. The new book by Ugo Ruffolo, Artificial Intelligence and Liability, edited by Giuffrè, reviews the existing literature on this issue and analyses the new hybrid forms of liability imposed by technological progress.

From Productive Machinery to driverless cars, from artificial intelligence liability in the medical-pharmaceutical world to that of robot-led companies, from the use of robot-law in Court to robot-soldiers in wars, the book is designed to contribute to the foundation of a "lex robotica" that can offer adequate legal mediation to the entrance of artificial intelligence not only into the world of production, but also into the daily life of each and every one of us.

A book that collects essays written by academic jurists and that is probably not for everyone, but which shows, on the one hand, the attempt by existing law to deal with new forms of liability and, on the other hand, the fact that the debate on this topic is more and more pressing and necessary.