From Spielberg's Mechas to Machine Learning: what's next?

machine-learningIt was 2001 when Steven Spielberg, based on an intuition of the visionary Stanley Kubrick, released ‘A.I.-Artificial Intelligence’, the film that proposed an integrated society of men and Mechas, robots that were so sophisticated to look like human beings. Much has happened since then and this film scenario does no longer seem so impossible.

Artificial Intelligence has always aroused deep interest in modern culture, it is nothing new; yet it is unquestionable that it has evolved from a sci-fi idea into a concrete boost for business.

The availability of increasingly powerful machines and increasingly wider memory spaces has allowed for the development of software that can develop the fundamental ability required for a truly effective artificial intelligence: machine learning. (the dynamics of machine learning that have increasingly attracted the business world).

The outcome of the use of machine learning processes is currently positive: most large enterprises have already launched structured processes oriented to machine learning or will start doing it soon (as reported in a recent article published in

The trend is, and will always be increasingly wide-ranging: not only global giants such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook, but also an increasing number of small start-ups are gradually using artificial intelligence as a lever for business development.

In a scenario like the current one, in which the greatest challenge seems to be able to anticipate the future, what is the trump card? At 255, we believe it is to adapt without fear, to accept the change and, above all, to let ourselves be contaminated with an open mind, heart and eyes.