Ergonomics in Salami Slicing Room!

Fortunately, it still happens: customers who know that in an automatization project … people are important.

A sausage factory (meat factory) called us a few days, we schedule a meeting to discuss about a project in their Salami Slicing Room. This is not the first time that we work in project inside the slicing room … so I was very confident for the meeting.

My surprise comes during the meeting when the customer say to me:

“You know, our greatest value are our people, we make a very good and high food quality. We noticed that the place where our team manually prepare the italian pre-sliced tray are not so comfortable. We would like to study new ergonomic place to feel better our operators! “

Uauuuuuuuu well done ! Bravi Bravi Bravi !!!.

I often struggle to convince our customers that the automatization projects have to consider the ergonomics aspects, a satisfied employee is the first step towards a quality production … but do not always succeed.

This time we are called exclusively for this !!!

The people first!

PS: in the picture I’m getting ready to spend a day inside the slicing room to study the work of these lucky employees of a sausage comapany where the man and the quality are at the center.