'Data-dress': how I can solve your daily doubts in front of the mirror

‘What shall I wear today? Quite likely, this is the question every woman on the planet asks herself every single morning. And it was probably with this universally shared doubt in mind that Google, in partnership with H&M, began to imagine Data Dress (watch the video), an ambitious project which, as expressed by Aleksandar Subosic, co-founder of Ivyrevel, the digital fashion house of the H&M Group, “will enable women around the world to order a dress made entirely for them, that reflects the way they live their lives”.

 Ivyrevel has created an App, currently for Android, which allows every user to find an outfit suited precisely to the needs of every single woman. A data dress, precisely, which is a synthesis of the information collected by the device on every single consumer: sports, work or social life habits which give life to a series of unique outfits. How does it work? First of all, you need to tell the App what type of dress you are looking for: whether for a business meeting, a party, a gala. Once you have chosen the occasion, the App will ask you to choose a style and, based on that information, it will propose several data-driven outfits: for instance, by choosing the style ‘sexy and confident’ for a party, the App will propose a long-sleeved dress with a deep neckline and a belt at the waist.

All the data, collected and managed by a special algorithm, are processed by the application which produces a unique, custom dress which the user can then buy directly from his/her phone.

The project, which is currently being tested through a number of fashion influencers, will be made public by the end of the year. The cost of the data dress project is yet known, but the revolutionary and avant-garde process behind is fascinating: to bring the unique and irreplicable personality of every consumer into the creative process of fashion design and production. How? Through the technology and modern language of Big Data.