From electronic veterinary prescriptions to milking robots: innovation is good for the dairy sector.


Web monitoring of cattle feeding, evolved herd management systems, milking robots, electronic veterinary prescriptions, smart sensors with the geolocation of product distribution: innovation is good for the Italian dairy sector, which is one of the most advanced in technological terms. But there is still room for further improvement. This benefits the entire sector, with savings around 100 million euros, as revealed by the study on the dairy sector 4.0 by the Smart AgriFood Observatory of the School of Management of the Polytechnic University of Milan and the University of Brescia (RISE Laboratory).

According to the study, the strategic use of the network to ensure cattle feeding quality can make the ecosystem of a single cheese factory save approximately 64,000 euros a year. Electronic veterinary prescriptions can reduce costs between 12.2 and 26.4 million euros a year for the livestock sector in a single region like Lombardy. Smart sensors and geolocation in the transportation of dairy products can reduce damaged products, allowing the sector to save over 10 million euros a year.

Innovation is beneficial not only in economic terms: technological innovation can lead to better product quality, to enhanced compliance with the law and to greater food safety and sustainability. These benefits are of interest to the entire sector: from farmers to suppliers of raw materials, from transformation industries to third party supervisory authorities, up to the final consumer.