What shall I wear today? Your personal robot will help you


Are you unsure as what to wear for a trip, a gala evening, a job interview? And what if your outfit were suggested by a robot? This is what the luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter is concretely considering. The retailer has recently announced that it has invested more than 500 million euros in the launch of a new technology that can suggest the most suitable outfit to customers for every occasion depending on their tastes, geolocation and commitments. By analysing customer consumption habits, Artificial Intelligence will also be able to create specific outfits based on previously bought items. In the case of more specific requests, the robot recommends a human personal shopper who can satisfy even the oddest customer. It is not yet known when this technology will be put in practice, but apparently it will be only a matter of months.

The road is mapped out, not only for retailers like Net a Porter, but also for single luxury brands: customisation and shopping satisfaction are the fundamental levers for all future business intelligence activities.