Wear sustain: the EU funding that makes fashion sustainable through technology


Can technology help fashion be more innovative and sustainable at the same time? This is the belief behind Wear sustain, the initiative that has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 project and that aims to encourage research and the development of a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry through innovative and digital fabrics.

Founded as a consortium, Wear sustain operates like a unique ecoystem in Europe, bringing together people, companies and projects interested in collaborating, connecting and sharing virtuous practices, technological developments and insights on the clothes and fabrics of the future that also take account of sustainability and environmental welfare.

Through the collaboration between artists/designers and technology experts and engineers, the process develops from the original idea to the prototype, from development to production. 100% biodegradable fabrics created using mushroom roots, technologies applied to sports clothing to help users adjust their breath, dresses and accessories capable of having a positive impact on the wearer’s moods: these are only some of the products designed.

22 projects were selected in 2017 while, in January 2018, the second call for tenders was closed to choose the last 26 projects to be financed: the final products of all the teams involved will be presented in autumn.