To wear a computer: we will do so in the future thanks to an Italian scientist


A young boy living in England but from the South of Italy, will revolutionize the way we wear clothes. We are not talking about a promising designer, rather about a scientist: Felice Torrisi, a 34-year old Sicilian scientist, who has been asked to run the Cambridge Graphene Centre.


In fact, we will wear graphene in the future, a material composed of a single carbon layer: dispersed into a liquid solution, it can become an ink which, by using a 3D printer, is transferred onto fabric. Using this technology, it will be possible to create sensors, transistors and circuits integrated directly into fibres. We are still in the early stages of development, but the potential uses of this material are endless. As proven by the €1bn granted by the European Union for projects dealing with graphene applications. What are the potential applications of this computer that can be worn? From measuring the heartbeat to detecting glucose concentration in the blood or monitoring physical activity through sweating, but also more playful uses, such as making video games more interactive. There remains a hurdle for this super-material to be overcome, as nicely remanded by Torrisi: that of being able to resist in the washing machine.