Threads as light strips to "light up" the future of ready-to-wear


The technological revolution of ready-to-wear fashion goes ahead. Let’s talk about StitchKit, a sewing kit that is made both of fabric and lights, which can monitor the wearer’s vital signs (from his/her heart beat to body temperature) and "light up" as soon as the light of the surrounding environment goes down. Nothing new, right? Well, not really.

The light strips that make up these clothes are powered using a USB connection and a power bank that is hidden on the dress and lasts six to eight hours. Both the clothes and their lights are fully washable, so they don’t need to be removed.

The product has been patented by MakeFashion, a Canadian company at the head of a movement that promotes avant-garde ready-to-wear that is also easily wearable, washable, affordable and customisable. “We want people to think what the future of fashion will be - said the co-founder of MakeFashion Maria Hoover. It's a very visual way to represent it and what makes it special is that it is accessible!”.