The professional profiles that are missing for the Country’s growth


Engineering experts, metal machining experts, textile machinery workers: these are some of the professional skills that are most difficult to find according to the latest report by Excelsior Unioncamere-Anpal: in the light of the offer of an extra 31,0000 jobs compared to 2017, what is missing is qualified manpower (a 29% gap compared to 25% in 2017). 

What are the professional figures that are most missing in Italy? Engineering experts (61.2%), including numerical control programmers and technicians for the management, maintenance and use of industrial robots; metal machining experts (58%), including smelters, welders, blacksmiths; textile machinery workers (50.3%); engineers (49.8%); automatic machine workers (49.7%); electrical mechanics (47%), such as installers, fitters, experts in the maintenance of machinery for industrial installations and of electrical, electronic and IT equipment. 

There’s also a big difference in geographical terms: the North and the Centre-North of Italy are struggling (42% of the shortage in the provinces of Pordenone, Lecco, Ferrara and Bologna), unlike the South of Italy where the percentage drops, for example to 15% in cities such as Brindisi, Benevento, Taranto and Ragusa.  

Companies are in need of highly qualified profiles: the search for executives, highly specialised intellectual and scientific professions has increased by 1.3% compared to October last year. What is missing is not only the number of suitable candidates but also their ability to keep pace with innovation in professional skills, a gap which must necessarily be filled downstream: this can be done by innovating the school system and incorporating new skills into training courses first, and then continuing such update and training within companies.

Now more than ever, you do not stop studying once you’ve finished school; rather, you must constantly stay up to date. Innovations that used to take decades now only take a few months. We will increasingly have to focus on the so-called "soft skills". At 255hec, we dedicate considerable time to internal and external training through specialised firms: this is the only option if we want to be able to innovate and provide the best service to our customers.