The drone that prevents workaholics from working too many hours. Experiment to be launched in Japan


In Japan, there’s a specific word for the "harm" caused by working overtime: karo jisatsu. It means, literally, "overwork suicide". This is a notorious emergency for the Land of the Rising Sun: no less than 2,159 people took their lives for this reason in 2015 alone.

Technology might put an end to this tragic trend: we are talking about a drone which, at closing time, starts hovering over employees, playing “Auld Lang Syne", the famous Scottish tune that is typically used in Japan to announce that a store is closing or lessons are ending.

"T-Friend", the name of the drone created by the security firm Taisei in collaboration with Blue Innovation and the telecoms operator NTT East, should be operative in April 2018: it will be autonomous and without GPS. The drone’s developers are also studying the possibility of giving the drone facial recognition technology to identify who is in the office after hours.