The Christmas tree becomes smart and interacts with observers


Goodbye to our beloved flashing lights! Christmas 2.0 is enlivened by artificial intelligence! In the Milanese CityLife borough, in the ultra-modern shopping district, the Christmas tree is "decorated" with the emotions of passers-by thanks to the latest Huawei processor.
How does this smart Christmas tree work? Its technological heart is the new Kirin 980 processor, the first 7nm System on Chip (SoC) that supports next-generation productivity and entertainment applications. The big innovation is represented by the double NPU, a set of microprocessors designed to provide hardware acceleration to artificial neural networks, machine vision and machine learning algorithms for robotics, internet of things and other data-intensive applications.
Thanks to this technology, the AI experience is implemented with greater processing power and intelligence, which translates into the ability to recognise 4500 images per minute, with an improved 120% recognition speed compared with the previous processor. The smart tree analyses all photos sent by passers-by from different channels, interprets them and changes the colour of its lights depending on the emotions it senses: green for a moody face, red for a happy expression and yellow for surprise.
The accuracy of the sentiment-analysis method has also been tested and verified by the VRAI (Vision, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence) research group of the Information Engineering Department of the Polytechnic University of Marche.

A scenario in which machines are increasingly capable of processing images and interpreting our sentiments based on our body language, opens the way for endless experiences to live and try out. It will become increasingly essential to define the international ethics of artificial intelligence. A future that remains all to be built, in which values will have to be placed at the centre of everything, coming even before technology.