The App for those who are too lazy to shop for clothes, which combines Artificial Intelligence with a Personal Stylist


It might seem inconceivable to most people, but not all of us like shopping for clothes. However, to have the right outfit, especially at work, can often make the difference. Those who must be impeccable at work but have no time to waste, can now rely on the new App Viume.

The App, which is currently available only in Spain, is designed for a target of "urban professionals" between 20 and 50, hyperconnected and comfort-seekers, and is created to renew their look, thanks to the collaboration between Artificial Intelligence and fashion stylists. By answering fundamental questions such as style, fashion preferences and especially, the user’s budget, the latter activates a digital assistant which, based on a set of algorithms, elaborates a selection of brands and garments that fit these criteria.

Artificial Intelligence then submits the selection to the ‘human’ expert, the stylist who, interacting with the purchaser through messages and photos, chooses a number of garments that are sent directly to the purchaser’s home to be tried on and eventually purchased. The garments that do not convince the user are returned to the sender.