Tesla Semi Truck: Elon Musk’s response to green logistics


It is called Tesla Semi Truck and is Musk’s response to green logistics: we are talking about an electric truck that can travel 800 km at full load (approximately 36 tonnes) on a single electric charge.  Autonomy could be implemented for another 640 kilometres after charging the vehicle for as little as 30 minutes. The final price of the new truck, which was presented in November and whose production will begin in 2019, is still unknown.  It will be equipped with the Autopilot system that can keep vehicles at a set speed. According to the visionary South African businessman, it will be “better in every way” than traditional trucks, starting from the economic aspect: suffice it to mention fuel savings and lower maintenance costs.  Yet some organisations are still sceptical of the benefits of this innovative electric truck unveiled with great pomp in line with Musk’s style: first of all, the multinational Bloomberg. The first companies to test Tesla Semi will include Wal-Mart, the American distribution giant which has always been sensitive to innovation in logistics, which has already ordered 15 models.