Out of sight… but technology can help us


To know everything about the food we serve on our table at a glance: this is the promise made by ImpactVision, a system invented by a Californian start-up which, using hyperspectral cameras, can deeply analyse the composition of food. From its nutritional content and freshness levels up to its ripeness, each product can be analysed by this highly reliable and low-cost technology.

This technology might be applied on a large scale in the near future and even be integrated into our smartphones. The positive effects in terms of food safety, waste reduction and fraud combating would be countless and especially to the benefit of consumers. Suffice it to think of the meat chain which, starting from breeding up to supermarkets, implies continuous checks which, however, can be conducted only on product samples for they are time-consuming and costly. But also waste related to domestic consumption could be reduced significantly by using an instrument that can tell us what has gone off in our fridge and what, instead, can still be eaten. Without speaking of food frauds, since this technology could protect consumers against scams that threaten their health and wallet.

In essence, we could all greatly benefit from an innovative technology that can make sure that what we eat is actually what we have been sold: to go beyond appearances, in this case, is the future.