New frontiers of the Internet of Things: the sticker 4.0 that makes every object intelligent, is on its way


Are you fond of flowers but you don’t have a green thumb? The idea of a gas leak worries you? Henceforth, you (and your orchids) will no longer have to fear for your life: a multipurpose solution is on its way that might revolutionize the notion of "intelligent sensor".

The idea has been developed by researchers at Purdue University, in Indiana, who have recently developed a series of hi-tech stickers that can make any object to which they are attached … act as a sensor! In fact, the stickers 4.0 connect any household item to a web network so the item can then be monitored via an application. When placed on a flower pot, they will sense temperature changes and all those conditions that might affect the plant's growth. When applied to any household system, they will monitor gas leaks or heat dispersions.

These stickers consist of customised printable electronic circuits and can be cut out and pasted on any surface: suffice to peel them off their base with a little water at room temperature, a procedure that does not affect the electrical properties of the circuits; rather, it makes sure that the base is not ruined and can be reused indefinitely. Thus cutting production costs.