Nera: The first fully 3D printed e-motorbike


The world-first prototype of a fully 3D printed e-motorbike comes from Germany: it is called Nera and has been produced by NowLab, the additive manufacturing laboratory of the company BigRep, active in industrial, aerospace and automotive mechanics. 

All black, as the name suggests, and with a futuristic design, the motorbike is fully 3D printed. Suspension units or shock absorbers have been replaced by flexible rhombus structures. 

15 components are manufactured by the 3D Printer - from the rims to the frame, from the seat to the forks up to the airless tires - bearing the engine, battery and system, which are electric.  

“This bike and our other prototypes - state the company - push the limits of engineering creativity and will reshape technology as we know it". For the time being, the bike was launched only as a prototype on the occasion of Formnext in Frankfurt, as part of the BigRep research project on the potential of 3D printing.

The emergence and development of 3D printers call for new engineering design methods; it is now necessary to think differently and overcome the limits that have so far derived from "subtractive" vs. "additive” technologies.