Mechanical wings as accessories to wear: welcome to the era of robotic fashion


Robots are not only automated components created to make the life of human beings easier, but they are also aesthetic objects that are worthy of being 'simply' worn as pure fashion products.

This idea is at the heart of the work, at times visionary work, of the Japanese Kyunkun, an engineer and creator of robotic fashion. Robotic fashion, that's right!

Metacalf, and its subsequent evolution, Metacalf clione, is the name of his iconic work: robotic arms looking like wings, made of aluminium and plastic, covered by panels with a complex design, programmed to move in a humanoid way.

Worn like a backpack that is about 1.5 kg heavy, the robotic wings of Kyunkun do absolutely nothing, being designed as mere accessories. Wires and circuits are left exposed on purpose, just like the buzzing sound of the server that dictates their movements: therefore, robotics as a portable accessory and fashion product.