Logistics wink at the environment


A world in motion, a world that consumes and continues to pollute. According to the ​​​​​TERM 2017 report by the EEA (European Environment Agency), greenhouse gas emissions from transportation have increased by 25% since 1990. Particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide, resulting from the circulation of goods and people, are two of the most prominent air pollutants. A crucial issue for the future of the planet, to be discussed at ​​​​​​​Green Logistics Expo, the International Sustainable Logistics Exhibition, which will bring together the major players in the industry in Padua, from 7 to 9 March.

The entire logistics chain will be featured at the event: conventions, meetings and workshops will address the issues of intermodality, industrial logistics and Real Estate, E-commerce, City & Logistics.

From the relationship between technology and ethics to the digitization of containers and documentary dematerialization, passing through the management of logistic hubs in smart cities: at the Green Logistics Expo, innovation and technology come together to imagine a future that is sustainable for companies but also for our planet.