Google and BoF encapsulate the past, present and future of fashion in an algorithm


How can the potential of artificial intelligence be combined with the inspiration and creativity of fashion? Google and Business of Fashion, the leading portal on the fashion industry, announced a new interesting partnership on the occasion of  VOICES, the annual gathering that brings together the brightest and most innovative minds in the field.

The agreement follows the path traced by the tech giant for the protection of our cultural heritage, already launched in 2011 with the project of the​​​​​​​ Google Cultural Institute designed to collect the artistic material of museums and foundations in an online database so as to make it available and accessible to all.

Thanks to the partnership with Business of Fashion, this collection and analysis of data also extends to stylists’ and designers’ creations: the collections and archives of fashion houses will be digitised and made accessible, with a simple click, to fashion operators and not only. The first step is the application of machine learning algorithms to the 70,000 catwalk looks collected by BoF over the past four years: buyers and creative staff will thus be given the chance to perform searches by colour, material or style, thus being able to intercept trends and interpret them.

Artificial Intelligence has long been an integral part of the growth of the fashion world, especially as regards the development of in-store customer experiences and e-commerce; but the greatest contribution, according to Amit Sood, the founder of the Google Cultural Institute, might be that given to creativity, enabling artists and fashion operators to find new sources of inspiration and, above all, new and faster ways to have access to them.