Formnext: in Frankfurt to discuss about the new generation of Additive Manufacturing


The Additive Manufacturing industry will meet from 13 to 16 November at an essential event for this industry: Formnext in Frankfurt, this year at its fourth edition. The fact that the industry is growing and is no longer confined to its original context, namely prototypes, is proven by the figures disclosed at the trade show: exhibitors have increased by 60% and the available exhibition space has increased by 54% compared to last year. Less than two months are left before the event, which will welcome 550 exhibitors distributed over a 36,000 sqm area. 

Also this edition will be an important platform for the global elite of additive manufacturing and of manufacturing in general. The spotlight is on software, design, pre and post-processing of materials, industrial tooling, but also research and development and advanced training. The scope of application of Additive Manufacturing is becoming wider and wider: from automotive to automation, from healthcare to energy, mechanics or aviation. How about Italy? Our country is not lagging behind: it is the third most important country at the trade show with its 21 exhibitors, including no less than 8 new companies. The Italian companies at the trade show cover a wide range of instruments ranging from 3D scans to CAD-CAM solutions, quality assurance materials for the construction of machines, jewellery, prosthodontics and design. 

What will the implications be for the labour market and for professional skills? How will the market  make the most of this opportunity? Low-cost minds, creativity and intelligence? We believe that an ethical discussion on the use of Additive Manufacturing should start as soon as possible. What do you think?