Economy 4.0: worth 23,000 in 2025


23,000 billion: this is the value that economy 4.0 will reach in 2025 according to the estimate made by Huawei in its recently printed annual report on the theme, the Global Connectivity Index.

According to the Chinese giant’s study, artificial intelligence will drive the rise of the top five digital transformation technologies - broadband, data center, cloud, big data and Internet of Things - and three sectors will greatly expand: manufacturing, ICT and professional services.

The 79 economies analysed by the study are divided into three main clusters. The Frontrunners are the 20 most advanced countries, including the United States, Singapore and Sweden followed, randomly, by the UK, France, Japan and Canada. The Adopters are the countries that are technologically evolved but that, for several reasons, are unable to enter the first category: from Spain to the Philippines and even Italy which is ranked 28th. Despite its ranking, our country is one of the 11 most promising countries in terms of growth and development. The Starters: from Egypt to Uganda, from Bolivia to Vietnam, these are the countries that have just begun the innovation process.

We must therefore ask ourselves how what resources to put in place so as not to lose the train that is passing. Because unfortunately the statistics "flatten" the excellence, but we (the Italians) know what we are capable of. It’s not a surprise that the "made in Italy" brand continues to be very strong. We are sure that there will be high-quality Italian centers of competence, mostly because many of the companies we know have been preparing for several years. 5 years, as regards 255hec. What about you?