Blockchain technology enters the catering world: the pOsti case


The excellence of the Italian territory, of its traditions and of its healthy and genuine products has always been a distinguishing feature of all the regions in the country. That’s why  pOsti, an innovative start-up in Rome, has introduced blockchain technology into the food sector, using a platform that protects the Made in Italy brand in the wine and food industry.

Using this technology, the enhanced value of typical products and traditional recipes can be preserved. In particular, the application of blockchain technology to the catering sector ensures the complete traceability of the traditional recipes of every single Italian region.

From the field to the consumer, the entire production process is encoded, thus recording every step as well as raw materials, the composition of food, its processing, cooking system, up to the final dish. To complete the picture, the quality and authenticity of recipes is certified by cultural institutions and by traditionally trained chefs, thus increasing consumers’ trust and ensuring enhanced food safety.

The consumers of these certified dishes, by scanning a QR code applied to the product or receiving a notice on their smartphone, can find out more about the origins of the recipe and its evolutions, discover interesting information or the raw materials used, the nutritional values and preparation methods of the food they are about to eat. All data, collected by the start-up by studying typical regional recipes with the scientific support of Insor (National Institute of Rural Sociology), are available and accessible to the customer.

The added value of pOsti, given by the traceability and certification of original regional recipes, has been rewarded by  Confcommercio in collaboration with the ​​​​​​​ Fondazione COTEC, dedicated to technological innovation, through the​​​​​​​ Giuria del Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione in Services 2018.

At 255 HEC srl, we will soon finish developing a project in which blockchain technology serves as a guarantee of the food chain. Please contact us for further information.