Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: the European Commission sets up a task force


The European Commission is moving fast with regard to ethics in automation: with 52 representatives from academia, civil society, as well as industry, it has set up the High Level Group on Artificial Intelligence, whose shared objective is to establish ethical guidelines on this issue by the end of the year and, by 2019, to elaborate common and shared recommendations to implement and promote development, opportunities and technologies related to automation.

Fairness, safety, transparency, the future of work in a scenario of progressive automation, and also the protection of personal data and consumers tout court are only some of the issues that will be addressed by the team of experts who will constantly interact with external bodies, such as European AI Alliance, an online platform created to bring together and share the best practices on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence and to create networks and encourage activities connected with the development of Artificial Intelligence.  

Four Italians have been selected to join the task force: Andrea Renda, a digital innovation expert and research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels. Francesca Rossi, a research staff member at IBM, Stefano Quintarelli, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Agency for Digital Italy and Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the University of Oxford

Quite obviously, this will be a very interesting topic in the future. Our SW group is already working in this direction, and experiments with Cobots and BI alongside AI are already a reality.