Artificial Intelligence: Italy joins forces with the CINI AIIS National Laboratory


Italy aims to build a national artificial intelligence ecosystem, thereby strengthening and imposing the country as an international player by overcoming the current fragmentation of entities operating in the field. It does so through the establishment of the newly-founded CINI AIIS National Laboratory, "Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems", led by Director Rita Cucchiara of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and by Deputy-Director Marco Gori of the University of Siena.

The laboratory, given the vastness of the theme, will be divided into thematic groups and research areas and will involve all the subjects that make up the CINI (Interuniversity Consortium for Computer Sciences). However, the basic idea is to involve also the government, enterprises, lenders, universities and national and international research centres external to CINI.

The goal is to deepen and coordinate the work of all AI areas so as to develop the basic components of the new generations of intelligent systems and services and include many technologies into a single paradigm; from perceptual systems to automated learning and reasoning systems, from intelligent systems capable of acting on the environment to new computer systems and services such as retrieval, Q&A, recommendation and user profiling systems up to the systems oriented to cybersecurity, to social networks analysis and to the assessment of the risks and ethical implications of AI for privacy and national security.