A colour-changing look thanks to technology


In the near future, a colour-changing dress might revolutionise your look. At CES Las Vegas, Dai Nippon Printing unveiled its latest technological innovation: a system that can change the colour of walls, signs and clothes. The product, which absolutely stunned the many curious visitors who had flocked to one of the most important Tech shows in the world, was the prototype of a dress that could change colour. The simple sheath dress made with this innovative material lasts three days using just a single AA battery.

Based on the E-Ink technology, the same used for Amazon’s Kindle, DIP realises all shapes of products, which are low power and especially not stressful for the eyes. In addition, unlike LED or LCD displays, the E-paper does not get hot: the combination of these factors makes this technology applicable to a wide range of products that will decorate your walls, a hotel entrance or an elegant tabletop in a restaurant.

A material like canvas on which to colour with technology.