3D pedestrian crossings: how I can save your life by reducing traffic


Ísafjördur is a small town in Iceland with a population of 3650, which is experiencing unexpected media visibility as a result of a clever idea that will probably solve the problem of traffic, fines and, why not, also of road accidents.

What are we talking about? About 3D pedestrian crossings.

The idea has been developed by the company Vegamálun which has 'played' with 3D optical illusion to 'trick' car drivers or motorcyclists: in fact, this type of crossing, when seen from afar, looks like cement axes floating in the air, prompting the driver to stop and/or slow down to avoid crashing into them.

The experiment, extended to the main streets of the town, derives from a very common practice in New Delhi, according to the AD of Vegamálun, Gauti Ívar Halldórsson: “A 3D crossing prompts people to believe that there is something blocking the road, so drivers progressively slow down their cars".