Your core business, first of all!

Your core business, first of all!
It would be nice if we could just do what we do best. We take care of your optimization projects, cost reduction, automation and logistics for more than a decade. Do what you do best, this is our make-up.

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Il viaggio di @repubblica nelle fabbriche 4.0 italiane: "Più automi, meno operai ma investiamo sul fattore umano"…

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RT @InsightBrief: #DataCentre industry outlook & key trends for 2017 #datacenter

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Welcome Shimon, the 1st #robot who can play marimba with #ArtificialIntelligence and #DeepLearning | @GeorgiaTech…

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1, 2, 3...#Coding! Why do we have to teach kids about the importance of #IT? #digital…

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#DigitalHabits/ 4 findings that luxury brands need to know about chinese [email protected] @JingDaily