Technical Support

The approach of 255 H.E.C. Srl in resolving any problems or needs, is wide-ranging and encompasses an interdisciplinary aspects of mechanical, electrical, software and processes.

You will be surprised to discover that there are other solutions to even the most effective ways you have always route.

255 H.E.C. Srl is your technical office and always up to date.


The analysis of the flows and cycles combined with the techniques of operations research and optimization bring 255 H.E.C. Srl to be able to offer solutions even procedural, always optimized for existing plants that can not be modified.

Determine in advance planning and proper planning of activities leads to make correct decisions and timely.

“The project is the seed of success” -PM-

Coordination and Control

The coordination of different activities and different suppliers has become the primary key for the success of complex projects and for the maintenance of the terms defined in the design phase. Audit plans, plant visits, project update time. The 255 H.E.C. Srl has accumulated extensive experience on large systems and assets at risk by intervening too often existing equipment and operating.

Baby-sitting services with plant personnel (electrical, mechanical, software, and management) and many years of experience in the field.


By providing turnkey systems on your project the 255 H.E.C. Srl is able to:

  • Provide the design and manufacture of electrical control panels and control even on specific third parties.
  • Provide and implement software for both PLCs, axis cards, drives, PCs, servers dedicated to handling the automation and identification.


To ensure the proper operation of machines and slow down the aging of plants, 255 H.E.C. Srl is able to provide maintenance services (preventive, predictive, ordinary, and extraordianry) also of installations not supplied by them .

Two reference locations for maintenance, one in Bologna and one in the north of Milan.

Service (remote control)

Some types of systems require immediate interventions to identify anomalies blockers and to allow reboots rapid as possible. 255 H.E.C. Srl can provide remote assistance services even on systems provided by third part.

Legal and Contractual support

By conducting such Appointed Expert in dispute on industrial plants and having collaborators shown in the Registers of Technical Consultants of the Court, 255 H.E.C. Srl can provide support in the drafting of technical contracts. A good contract and documents analyzed in this way reduce the possibility of future disputes with suppliers you have selected. A clear contract to “speak the same languageā€.